Canadian entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist Andrew Rivkin was born May 31, 1969 in Toronto, Ontario. Andrew’s entrepreneurial spirit manifested early in his life and he knew from a young age that he wanted to be the creator of his own success. During his teens he founded a network business systems company, and soon after he graduated from University College, University of Toronto in 1992, he and his brother Mark founded Cryptologic; which would prove to be one of the biggest innovations in gaming software and is now a publicly traded developer and supplier of some of the world’s most trusted online casino software.

After stepping down as CEO of Cryptologic in 2002, Rivkin wanted to continue expanding his empire so he and one of his closest business partners founded Columbia Exchange Systems Software PLC, later renamed FUN Technologies and the world’s largest provider of online casual games and fantasy sports while Andrew handled business operations for the company. FUN Technologies was sold to Liberty Media in 2007 and valued at nearly C$500 million at the time of the acquisition. Andrew Rivkin currently acts as a business consultant for Mood Media, and he has also gone on to form Rivkin Asset Management, the Andrew Rivkin Foundation and Andrew Rivkin Charity as part of his continued effort to help others in need and push others to succeed. This site is meant to serve as not only the unofficial biography of Andrew Rivkin, but also as a helpful resource for other entrepreneurs who want to reach his level of personal success while striving for their own unique goals.